Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lye Water ~ Kan Sui

Kan Sui

Lye water is also known as alkaline water or air abu (Malay).

Ingredients :
Water, Potassium Carbonate and Sodium Bi-Carbonate

This is the current bottle of lye water I am able to buy from Auckland.


Unknown said...

Hi, really glad to find your site. I just want to know whether Kan Sui or Air Abu has any negatif side effect to our health. And also to the taste of the noodle itself. Thanks

Sinner said...

Hi aldy,

The taste of kan sui is quite distinct. If you are eating mee from the Asian stalls you will notice it. At home, I only add a bit as I don't quite like the strong smell.

As for the side effect (if any) you are best to google it.

maza2o2o said...


I just want to know the function of lye water in making of yellow noodles

Sinner said...

Hi maza2o2o,

The addition of lye water makes the noodles more chewy in texture and yellow in colour.

The noodles also have a subtle but distinctive smell.