Sunday, November 26, 2006

DIY Foil Baguette Mould

I have given up trying to buy a french baguette mould and I have also given up proving baguette on a floured cloth. It sticks !

So here I have decided to make my own.

A flat roasting tray - preferably one without the sides coming up.

Mr Redneck rolling his tray flat with a soft roller

The one on the left was done by free hand. Mr Redneck's mould on the right was moulded over a round pipe.

A bit rough but it works. The baquette is not the length of the traditional as I prefer to shorter ones.

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pkd said...

Yes, it sticks. I usually use a 2-baguette mold, but I tried ordinary foil once so I could make 4. Yours is a better idea.